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  • Manannan, one of the vessels to sell Intrepid Fox from March onwards
  • Manannan, one of the vessels to sell Intrepid Fox from March onwards

Study : Isle of Man Steam Packet Company takes Intrepid Fox on board

Intrepid Fox, the single-serve ‘wine in a glass’, has become the latest product sold on the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company ferry services. The ferry operator now sells Intrepid Fox on all routes between the Isle of Man, Ireland, and the UK. The product’s clever design and ease of handling were key factors behind the company’s move to stock Intrepid Fox.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is the oldest continually operated passenger shipping company in the world, having been in operation since 1830. With passenger expectations rising all the time, Steam Packet operated ferries are constantly looking to offer better quality and better value for customers.

Speaking of the decision to sell Intrepid Fox on all ferry services, Steam Packet Company’s Food and Beverage Manager, Iain Pearson, commented: “Occasionally our services travel over rough seas, and so we only use plastic glassware on board our ferries to serve drinks. Intrepid Fox plastic wine glasses will look much more appealing to our customers than wine served in a plastic tumbler, while still avoiding the risk of breakages. The foil lid also prevents any spills when serving or carrying the drinks. Stocking Intrepid Fox was an easy decision for us to make.”

Iain also noted the storage benefits of the product’s design, commenting: “As well as safety benefits, the Intrepid Fox glasses can have a significant impact on storage capacity. As each unit comes pre-sealed in its own glass, we can achieve a massive reduction in the number of disposable plastic cups needed on board.”

Iain commented further: “Of course, it is not just the practical benefits of the product that initially attracted us to Intrepid Fox. Visually the product is impressive and most importantly, the taste is excellent. I anticipate that passengers will appreciate the innovative design. Some may even decide to keep the empty glass to reuse, giving them extra value for money.”