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Study : Portable Pub Company: Intrepid Fox Causing a stir at festivals

Intrepid Fox ‘wine in a glass’ has enabled independent festival vendor, The Portable Pub Company, to maximise revenues from wine sales at festivals and other events, particularly during ‘crunch moments’, such as intermissions in a performance or a half-time break, when there are sudden surges at the bar.

The Intrepid Fox pre-packaged, single serve ‘glass’ is made from shatterproof PET, and is sealed with a foil lid. Designed to be quick and easy to serve, the product allows vendors to achieve a maximum rate of sale during times of very high demand.

The Portable Pub Company typically caters at music festivals and trade events, with attendances ranging from 7,000 to 250,000 people. Commenting on the success of Intrepid Fox at these events, Paul Askew, MD of the Portable Pub Company, said: “Intrepid Fox fits in with what we do. Our events almost always have a big market for wine, and we need to be able to serve a lot of customers, in a short space of time, with good quality wine.”

“At festivals and concerts, there are short breaks in the music, during which the bar becomes very busy. Intrepid Fox is perfect for this environment; I can serve ten units in a few seconds, and the customer can easily carry the wine away, without worrying about spilling.”

Because it is manufactured from fully recyclable, shatterproof PET, Intrepid Fox is ideal for events where the use of actual glass is not permitted. The design of the Intrepid Fox ‘glass’ closely resembles a traditional wine glass, providing a more authentic, aesthetically pleasing experience for the customer, compared with drinking from a plastic tumbler.

The patented packaging process, which seals each single-serve unit with a foil top, provides the product with a shelf life of a year, meaning vendors don’t need to worry about over-stocking for a specific event.

As well as outdoor festivals, Intrepid Fox is also sold at a number of Premier League football grounds across the county, as well as at rugby stadiums, convenience retail outlets, cinemas and racecourses.