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Study : Preston Guild Hall finds single-serve success

Preston Guild Hall has made serving wine quicker and easier at all of its bars and concession stands by selling Intrepid Fox, the single-serve ‘wine in a glass’ from Wine Innovations. The Guild Hall’s catering staff found Intrepid Fox to be an excellent alternative to single-serve bottles and disposable plastic cups, particularly in the venue’s often-crowded theatre and arena bars.

By choosing to sell pre-filled, single-serve wine glasses rather than single-serve bottles, caterers at Preston Guild Hall have been able to serve drinks at a much faster rate while significantly reducing storage and waste costs that result from serving wine into flimsy plastic cups. Importantly, the design of the self-contained wine glass used by Preston Guild Hall caterers also provides customers with a ‘better looking’ product than wine served into plastic cups or disposable pint glasses.

Speaking of the decision to sell Intrepid Fox, Preston Guild Hall’s Head of Operations, Richard Simkin, commented: “For popular shows we can get well over 2000 visitors to the arena, and over 800 to the theatre. With such large footfalls, the fact that I can quite literally serve several units in a matter of seconds can make a big difference to our revenue over time. This is particularly true during intervals or during pre-show periods, when we simply can’t serve customers fast enough. Intrepid Fox is just so quick to serve that we won’t be going back to serving bottles. In terms of ease and speed of service, it’s ideal.”

Richard further commented: “It isn’t all about rate of sale of course. The wine itself is good quality, it always goes down well with customers, and it certainly looks a lot better than serving wine into a plastic pint glass or beaker.”

Intrepid Fox is designed for caterers operating in high traffic, glass-free environments such as venues and outdoor events. Each unit comes sealed with a foil lid, allowing caterers to serve wine at the fastest possible rate while avoiding potentially costly spills or breakages. This allows caterers at busy events to maximise revenue during ‘crunch moments’, when drinks cannot be served quickly enough.

The shatterproof PET ‘glass’ is designed to closely resemble a real wine glass in look and feel. This means caterers do not need to sacrifice the quality of a customer’s experience when seeking to maximise safety and efficiency. Intrepid Fox is available in Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Rosé from wholesalers nationwide.