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  • Preston North End

Study : Preston North End: Intrepid Fox boosts rate of sales

Intrepid Fox, the ‘wine in a glass’ from Wine Innovations, has enabled caterers at Preston North End’s Deepdale Stadium to maximise sales during times of peak demand. Intrepid Fox can be served rapidly without fear of spills or breakages, and the product provides a more attractive alternative to serving from small bottles into disposable plastic cups.

Richard Simkin, Head of Operations at Deepdale’s caterers, The Villa at North End, commented: “This is a great product and the customers clearly enjoy it. It is important for us that we can serve good quality wine, at a fast enough rate to meet demand, without compromising on safety. Intrepid Fox helps us achieve all of this.”

During pre-kick off and half time ‘rushes’, bars and food stands at sports venues can be flooded with customers, meaning the ability to serve drinks fast enough becomes a key limiting factor on profits. During such times, spills and breaks become common, which can be costly. Intrepid Fox single-serve, fully recyclable PET glasses allow venue caterers to maximise rate of service, without incurring any safety risks, while avoiding the storage and waste management costs associated with serving from bottles or cartons.